How We're Improving Primary Education in Meserani

Nursery School

We pay the salary of a local woman, Esther, to teach over 80 nursery school children. She prepares them for entry to elementary school. At present, we are constructing 2 additional classrooms at the primary school so that the nursery school won't have to take place under a tree anymore.

Teacher Training

We sponsored another local woman, Ruth, to attend teacher's college. She completed her training in October, 2017. In return, she has committed to remain in the village and teach. Teacher retention is challenging because of the difficult living conditions in the village. Ruth's commitment is valuable.

School Lunches

We provide a daily hot meal to over 440 children who attend school in Meserani village. This also provides employment for two local women who prepare the food. Villagers report that school attendance has increased, malnutrition has decreased, and children are better able to focus in class.

Repairs and Construction

At present, we are constructing 2 much needed additional classrooms at Meserani Elementary School. We have made extensive repairs to the existing structure, including walls, windows, roofs and latrines. We have repaired the teachers' living quarters and provided them with solar power.


We have provided many school supplies, including uniforms, stationery, desks and benches. In 2017, we delivered over 400 soccer uniforms donated by youth soccer leagues and families in Quinte.

I Sing for You

 Here are some the children we're helping, singing our club song. They translated it into Swahili.