Beautiful Ethical Gifts

Reclaimed Wood Decor & Carvings

Students in Quinte make handicrafts using wood reclaimed from the Frink Centre boardwalk. We turn pieces of our own education experience into beautiful keepsakes, such as candle holders, signs and decorations. Stunning carved goods by local artists from the Quinte region are also available. Look for these unique items at our next community event!

Authentic Maasai Beadwork

For hundreds of years the Maasai have handcrafted jewelry in the form of beadwork, which embodies the whole of Maasai culture representing beauty, strength, tradition, warriorhood, marriage, age sect, marital status, social status and their deep love and devotion for their cattle. We have many stunning pieces, created by women's cooperatives in Meserani village.

African Kangas

A kanga is a colourful cloth, worn by women and occasionally by men throughout the African Great Lakes region. It is a piece of printed cotton fabric, often with a border along all four sides, and a central design. The kanga is culturally significant on Eastern coast of Africa, often given as a gift for birthdays or other special occasions.  Discover our selection of gorgeous kangas!

Feed A Child Lunch for a Year

For $25, your donation helps provide a daily meal to a child at school in rural Tanzania. It also enables a local woman to gain a livelihood. When possible, the maize we use is locally milled, to further boost the village's economy. With this donation, you receive a beautiful photo card describing your gift.