Improving People's Lives in Rural Tanzania

Clean Water

Imagine if your only water source was a river with hippos and crocodiles, 8km from your home. We've drilled a well near the centre of the village, which provides safe, clean water for everyone, and frees up children's time to attend school. We have installed a solar system with lights at the well to make water gathering safer at night. We have also enabled the completion of the well in Terite, a neighbouring village.

Rooftop Solar Systems

Meserani village is 40km away from the nearest road and hydro connection. We've donated more than 15 rooftop solar systems, scattered around the village. Now people can charge their flashlights, phones and radios, and nights are safer with lights around the village. The systems we donate have a 3-year warranty and the families that receive them own them outright.

Portable Solar Lanterns

In 2017, we donated over 40 LuminAid waterproof, inflatable solar lanterns to families without light in Meserani village. Nights are dark and evening comes early in Tanzania. Having light helps. Children are able to complete their schoolwork. The evening meal can be prepared more easily. Villagers report that they feel safer because they can see their way and can look out for scorpions and snakes. Click here to see us featured on LuminAID's blog!

How You Can Help

Every year, we hold electronics recycling events in Quinte West. The funds we have raised help to pay for these solar initiatives. Every panel we install costs approximately $800. You can help by collecting old electronics for our e-waste drives, and sharing news so that others can, too!

Drone Footage of Meserani Village

A unique view of Meserani, the rural Maasai village we are helping. The village is spread over 40km, with about 45 "bomas" (household clusters). We have donated cell phones, laptops and cameras to the village, to help connect people.